Due to my illness that led to me staying in the hospital for more than a week October 2011, I had to let most of my cats be put to sleep by veterinarians from Mattilsynet.

3 of them were kept and taken to a nearby cat-hotel where they stayed for 4 days, before they were delivered to some Swedish friends, who by phone while I was still in hospital, volunteered to take care of them until I was on my feet again and could move back home.

When I one week before Christmas wanted to drive to Sweden to bring my cats home, the Swedes refused to give me my cats back.  They even had delivered my young male back to his breeder and told me the Dutch breeder of my oldest female wanted to take her back.  Some friends!

I have reported the Swedes to both Norwegian and Swedish police for stealing my cats and giving one of them away, and informed the two national federations and their clubs about this.

Those who have my cats cannot breed nor show them.  The only valid and original pedigrees were reissued to me in February 2012.

The stolen cats are:

CH NL*Love Explotion’s Santana’s Gitana, NFO ns 23 – blacksilver mackerel, dob January 1. 2008

Returned home after agreement in Tingsretten

S*Frostnattens Amoress af Selteteigen, NFO fs 03 22 – blacksilver torbie/white, dob July 9. 2010

Sold back to breeder after agreement in Tingsretten

(N) Stjernen’s Konrad, NFO n (09) 24 blackspotted (white), dob January 10. 2011

Stolen by breeder

I miss them deeply....